Welcome to New Volkswagen New Brand Design Launch, Brand Experience
In April of 2019, Volkswagen China approached the VOK DAMS China team with a simple yet far reaching brief: to create a brand event to launch the next era of Volkswagen in China and the world.
Our reply was this: a New Volkswagen needs a new kind of event - a new, different, audacious and never-before seen kind of event.
In April of 2019, Volkswagen China approached the VOK DAMS China team with a simple yet far reaching brief: to create a brand event to launch the next era of Volkswagen in China and the world.
We would not produce a standard event. We would instead create a 360 degree fully immersive environment that would engage and excite. We would use a combination of clever construction, tactile materials and innovative lighting and projection to impress with both scale and mass. We would show the incredible range of ID. Concept Cars in real-life authentic environments. By combining hi-tech gadgets with lo-fi solutions and meticulous attention to detail we would communicate the brand and vision of New Volkswagen through touch, sight and sound.
Seven months later at Guangzhou Media Bay at the base of the iconic Canton Tower the Welcome to New Volkswagen Brand Experience officially opened its doors, kicking off 5 days of workshops, activations and activities to media and public guests, as well as Volkswagen representatives and local partners, creating a paradigm shift, changing perceptions and officially launching Volkswagen’s New Brand Design all over the world.
VOK DAMS China is incredibly proud to have been selected as Lead Agency for such an important milestone in the Volkswagen story. To VOK DAMS Global and the (very) many other teams, studios, advisors, freelancers, experts and more involved in the design, production, and implementation of this event – and especially to the Volkswagen China team that gave us free reign to be our most creative selves – a very big thank you.
The entire New Volkswagen Brand Experience took up nearly 5000 square meters of the Guangzhou Media Bay plaza. In addition to extensive outdoor seating and a viewing platform boasting spectacular views of the Pearl River, Panyu Bridge and the iconic Canton Tower, the event included over 2500 square meters of interior experience spaces.
The Sustainable Suburb was the highlight of the Welcome to Volkswagen Brand Experience. The concept of this area was to create a complete 360 degree immersive environment where every object, interactive and surface inside communicated the vision of New Volkswagen, creating multi-layered, multi-media messaging that would be impossible to ignore.
 - Inflatable dome, 42m wide, 21m tall with 4K animated night sky projection 
 - Full build-up featuring 2 freestanding buildings, grandstand, 2 car displays, 2 keynote areas
 - 5 large LED screens showing unique content 
 - 5 activations, including charging station activation and Green Playground
The New Volkswagen Lounge was a fun and whimsical space combining mingle and hospitality areas with Brand Experience and communication activities. In addition to the sandy beach, palm trees and other activations this area also showcased new lighting, branding and space design elements that will soon be seen in Volkswagen brand spaces all over the world.
 - 35m x 30m x 11.5m temp structure featuring a real sand beach
 - 2 story buildup including seating and dining areas, kitchen, and VIP rooms
 - ID. Buggy display, ID. Buzz sand sculpture, ID.R “Pike’s Peak” Virtual Racer
As Creative and Concept director for VOK DAMS Beijing, I was responsible for the concept and creative... direction of this project but was very lucky to be a part of a world-class team of talented creatives in the fields of 2D and 3D design, motion design, temporary space design and construction, LAV tech planning and implementation and much more - not to mention our full deck of incredible event project managers led by my colleague Anna Stratieva - of the best in the biz.
This event was honored with 4 awards: 3 golds for Best Game Changer, Best Public Event, and Best Trade Show/Exhibition/Conference, and a silver for Best Media Event.