Volkswagen Auto Show Communications,
China 2018-2020
VOK DAMS China is proud to have helped lead communications for Volkswagen’s auto show events more than 16 times over the last 8 years. As Concept and Creative Director, I led and supported creative direction, development, and production for 6 national Volkswagen autoshows in China, including the Guangzhou Auto Show (GZAS), China Auto Beijing (BJAS), and China Auto Shanghai (SHAS).​​​​​​​
The VW Event Communications RFP is a strange beast that included working with a variety of VW China stakeholder departments from VWC Brand, JV partners and VW HQ on a combination of scopes and responsibilities that would shift event to event. We worked with client and construction agencies to manage the design and production of all onsite signage including physical messaging and lightboxes all the way up to developing the messaging and naming of the event itself, the design and production of comms on key channels such as KVs, invites, and H5 assets, as well as development and production of all onsite activations, including elements like HoloLens and AR activations.
A critical part of the SOW was the Press Conference. We worked directly with VW China and Global to develop Press Conference rundown and timing, key topics, car choreography, VIP speakers from VWC and their JV partners, as well as presentation support and AV production.
We also managed the concept, development and management of the Public Day Show which would occur 4-5 times daily to attract attendees to the booth, including show design, casting, music production, costume design, and show management. The challenge for the Public Day Show is to come up with something that will attract audiences and stand out from the chaos of the autoshow, that was feasible for an autoshow stage. For the 2020 Beijing Autoshow we engaged with an up and coming local rapper to write an original rap based on the event theme of "New Volkswagen. Come with us."
Finally, we were tasked with the design and production of all AV material onsite, including bespoke content for every LED surface in the booth. We partnered with media production agencies in both China and Germany to develop AV Loops that would play through the day, the Public Day Show AV that would feature during the shows, Press Conference AV including the countdown, Hero Car entrances and highlights, and any other announcement video required, as well as AV design and production for decorative LED elements.