Live Well, Travel Well
Multi Brand Campaign, Banyan Group
Banyan Group is a Singapore-based multinational hospitality brand that manages 9 different resort, hotel and residence brands across Asia, America, Africa and the Middle East. Seeking to capitalise on regional regulatory and broader global changes, Banyan Group needed a multi-brand campaign developed, produced, and ready for market in 6 weeks

Produce a multi-brand campaign for Banyan Group and its family of 9 sub brands in 6 weeks.

Curate an experienced and multi- disciplinary team of both global and on-the-ground creatives with extensive hospitality and production experience to lead a rigorous creative sprint process at speed, to develop, produce and then design tactical campaign playbooks for Banyan Group and its 9 sub brands.
PHASE 01: Creative Sprint: Campaign Concept Development.
An internal Insight to Idea creative sprint process to uncover authentic insights based on the brief. The ideas were then rigorously stress-tested and refined, and developed into visual and tonal approaches. Starting with the legacy campaign tagline of "Live Well, Travel Well", we developed the concept of "Life through a different lens", representing the different perspectives that can arise through travel. On a practical level, this concept also allowed us to explore a variety of visual looks and treatments to differentiate between the 9 sub brands that had to feel distinct.

PHASE 02: Campaign Production & Photography.
Once our creative concept and visual approach were confirmed, we began production planning and casting for an on-location shoot in Phuket, a Banyan Group hotel cluster featuring 4 of their brands, and a variety of different environments to shoot. We completed the shoot in 2.5 days.​​​​​​​
PHASE 03: Campaign Playbook Design & Development.
During the production phase, we simultaneously worked on copy and graphical direction, developing headlines for each of the sub brands that evoked their unique positioning and personality. Once confirmed, these were integrated into one master Campaign Playbook featuring guidance on imagery, copy, and layouts for posters, socials, banners, and EDM.
The Team.
Agency: Mash Brands​​​​​​​
Project Lead / Creative Director: Rich Akers
Visual Director / Photographer: Teresa Lacqua
Graphic Designer: Kat Berg as Graphic Designer
Copywriter: Courtney Kruk
Production Manager: Karan Ditkaew
Photography + Production Assistant: Miwa Aida