JETTA Media, Comms & Brand Experience,
Shanghai Autoshow 2019
Jetta is one of the most popular and most enduring Volkswagen models in the world, and as the first model ever produced in China, was a cornerstone of the band's history in the region. It made history again in 2019 when JETTA was spun off into it's own brand, becoming Volkswagen's first ever sub-brand.
Winning lead agency for Press Conference and Communications for JETTA‘s inaugural appearance at the Shanghai Auto Expo was not only a very high profile project, but also a quite unique one: the opportunity to be involved in the debut of something completely new.
Through this project we worked hand in hand with Volkswagen Brand China on Media Day planning and management, Public Day Show planning, casting, choreography, and costume design, brand experience space and activation design, production and management, guest management, and all media day and public day show and onsite AV production and presentation support.
The Public Day show featured 7 foreign and local performers, including dancers, trickers, trick footballers, and a diabolo performer, performing on custom built LED stages with bespoke AV animation.
The Brand Experience area included a HoloLens interactive experience where guests could learn about the history of JETTA, a brand history wall shown key moments of the brand in China, and a lidar-operated interactive LED wall showing brand media, all custom built and programmed for the event.
We were also tasked with onsite design and media production, including developing social media posts for the brand's new official WeChat account.
General Manager: Katja Sassi-Bucsit
Project Director + Project Lead, Press Conference: Anna Stratieva
Project Lead, Public Day + Brand Experience: Rich Akers
Creative + Concept Director: Rich Akers
Project Manager: Linki Jiang
Press Conference Showrunner: Abbie Wang
Public Day Show Manager: Lilo Zhang
Logistics & Third Party Management: Alexa Hou
Content Manager: Wendy Li
AV: Super Bonfire
Construction: A+A