Accor Live Limitless
Asia Launch Campaign Strategy + Creative Concept
ALL Accor Live Limitless is the loyalty program of Accor S.A. - EU’s largest hospitality group and 6th largest in the world.  They manage over 5,000 properties and 110 countries all over the world, under 44 brands, including: Raffles, Fairmont, Sofitel, M Gallery, Pullman, Novotel, and Tribe.

The newly-created ALL program launched across Europe in 2019 right before COVID struck, leaving the Asia launch in limbo. As borders began to open up, the question was raised: how could we re-launch ALL in a way relevant and reflective of the Asian market?

Our solution was to go build a world-class team with experience across Asia, Hospitality, and Luxury to back to basics with a three phase Strategic Discovery + Creative Sprint + Creative Development process, to audit the brand and existing knowledge, coupling that with stakeholder interviews and market research in all key markets, to develop a new creative approach founded on rigorous data-driven strategy.
A comprehensive and in-depth discovery and workshop session to develop an Accor Live Limitless strategic proposition for the SEA/JP/KR region.
Led by Lisha Klopper, this began with desktop industry research and a brand audit, before then moving onto internal and external target market research, conducting 1:1 stakeholder interviews with regional and loyalty experts within the Accor team as well as an online target audience survey for additional insights.
This laid the groundwork for a rigorous 90 minute Strategic Discovery session with 8 key internal owners to present and discuss comprehensive strategic learnings, during which we developed 3 strategic territories for review.
After extensive discussion 2 of these strategic territories were combined into a final strategic proposition document titled “All you need” - which included a manifesto, category, culture, brand and customer insights, regional insights, visual and communication differentiation, customer journey and proposed brand pillars.
The baton was then handed over to our creative director Jon Ollivier.
An interactive creative workshop session with key Accor project owners and leaders to engage and align, and secure buy-in on a strategic creative approach.
Led by Creative Director Jon Ollivier, along with Art Director Mirte and Senior Copywriter Keat and myself, we took our newly minted Strategic Proposition into a 90 minute Creative Sprint with key Accor stakeholders in an Insight / Idea / Improvement model to deep dive into local and international travel and hospitality insights in the region.
These insights and learnings were grouped into 3 creative territories for review and discussion, after which we developed our final creative proposition - the “World Like Never Before”, which included a manifesto, art direction, tonality, sample assets and activations.
Implement the World Like Never Before into a set of campaign guidelines and develop a comprehensive Campaign Toolkit for local partners.
On confirmation, Jon then led our designers Mark Peters and Kat Berg to incorporate the concept and detailed client feedback into a comprehensive Campaign Toolkit which included a creative concept manifesto, visual direction for photoshoots and images sourcing, tone of voice guidelines, a full collection of sample toolkit assets for brand and tactical executions across digital and print, as well as some sample activations.
Account / Project Manager: Rich Akers
Strategy Director: Lisha Klopper
Creative Director: Jonathan Ollivier
Art Director: Mirte Van der Lugt
Senior Copywriter: Keat Soh
Graphic Designers: Mark Peters, Kat Berg