About Me


Rich has had something of a checkered past, including but not limited to stints as a professional dance choreographer, artist, boy band member, graphic designer, English school manager and Westerosi political analyst (freelance).

This – combined with 15 years of hands-on experience in Beijing – has given him an in-depth understanding of the rapidly evolving social and e-commerce space, as well as a unique perspective of the real-time street-side effect of viral branding & marketing in Greater China.

Rich is a partner of Beijing Gung Ho! Pizza, as well as iconic hot-spots Lush, Pyro and Sugar Shack, and has been responsible for all the design, branding and marketing to date.

He also loves music and fronts a 90’s grunge cover band, if anyone’s interested.

Rich Akers Headshot


RADesign specializes in branding strategy and creating unique and relevant visual identities. In addition to the creation and implementation of Gung Ho! Pizza, Lush, Pyro Pizza and Sugar Shack marketing and brand strategy, RADesign has created visual identities for Rocket Science Productions, NewSeed Creative Consulting, NY Vape Shop, and London Loft.

RADesign also offers marketing and brand strategy consultation, as well as a wide variety of print and web design solutions.


A logo is more than just a design. Your logo connects you to your customers, and represents your vision and values. A good logo is four dimensional, connected to your history and a roadmap to the future. A logo is connection, values, background and direction. That’s a logo, that’s a brand.